frequently Asked questions

  • Is coaching the same as therapy? Put simply, no. While there might occasionally be some similar tools that are used, for example to manage anxiety in a situation, they are not the same. With coaching we are looking to set specific goals and work towards them. We will not be delving into feelings and emotions from your past that might be impacting your actions today. If, for example, you recently broke up with a significant other and want to work through your feelings associated with that, then processing that would be better suited for therapy than coaching. 

  • Can you be both my coach and my therapist? Unfortunately, no. My therapy license would consider that a dual relationship which is not allowed. 

  • How long will I be in coaching? Everyone's goals and needs are unique. I see coaching as an ongoing relationship that may have starts and stops along the journey as goals are reached and then new ones are developed. We will continue to work together to identify the length of the coaching journey for you.