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Leadership, Career & Communication Coaching


Take Steps Today to Flourish Tomorrow

Welcome! My name is Kealy and I have been coaching leaders since 2005. I work with individuals on all aspects of their careers that make them feel stuck. I often work with founders and organizations who are having leadership or communication challenges. If you want to read more of my background and how I work, please click on the link below. 

Online meeting

Working Together

Through our work together, you can expect to gain greater clarity about what your values are and how to better align them to your career goals. We will also look at ways to make you a more effective communicator and leader at work. 

If a work transition is on your radar, we will examine what direction feels right for you and identify actionable steps you can take to reach your career goals. If your transition to a new role is internal within your organization, we will discuss ways to increase your executive presence and how to negotiate for more responsibility and pay. 

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