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A Passion For Coaching

I work with those who are having a difficult time navigating leadership challenges. 


Leveraging a Master's degree in Communications, I built a professional career helping Fortune 200 executives find their voice and engage employees. Deeply drawn to the human element of my work, I went on to earn an additional Master's degree in Psychology. 

Today I balance my own successful Bay Area therapy practice as well as a thriving coaching business where I offer direct individual and corporate coaching support to new and emerging leaders who want to develop their leadership and communication skillsets. My collective clients represent: 

  • Organizations of all scales from established global leaders to startups

  • Wide breadth of industries including fintech, SaaS, media and wellness

  • Diverse cultural perspectives including internationally-bases offices and diverse US-based professionals

While methods and goals for each client are highly individualized, they help drive meaningful results at the individual, executive and organizational level alike. My clients report gaining: 

  • Strategic direction including identifying purpose and direction, while removing self-imposed roadblocks

  • Leadership skills development

  • Enhanced self-awareness and the ability to lead with their values 

  • Increased communication skillsets including tailored tools to address their unique challenges

Certifications & Qualifications

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M.A. in Communication from UC Boulder

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B.A. in Communication from USC 

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M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Dominican

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BetterUp Leadership Fellow Coach 2017 - 2022

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Conscious Business Coaching Course at BetterUp - Completed August 2019

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Positive Intelligence Coach Training -

Completed June 2021

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Executive and Individual Contributor Communication Coaching since 2005

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