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Spring Ahead Coaching offers services for individuals looking to become more effective leaders. Leadership is fundamental to making any organization successful. Poor leadership can contribute to low employee engagement and high turnover which can cost companies and investors time and money. Luckily there are skills you can learn to harness to become more effective as a leader which in turn benefits the company, employees and your career. See below for our latest offerings. 

Overview of Offerings

BUILD Leadership Program

The BUILD Leadership Program is a 90-day program that includes video lessons available on demand, worksheets to deepen learnings/takeaways and 6 coaching sessions.


Participants will: 

  • Build Self-awareness

  • Utilize Emotional Agility

  • Improve Communication

  • Lead with Purpose

  • Develop an Executive Presence 

Reach out for more info or click below to book today.

Individual Coaching Options

New, Experienced & Emerging Leaders

Leadership is a crucial skill for new, experienced and emerging leaders. It requires a combination of vision, communication, and decision-making abilities. As a leader, it's important to inspire and motivate your team while also being able to adapt to changing circumstances. With dedication and practice, anyone can become a successful leader.


That is where individual coaching comes in. This is a great options for already confident leaders looking to address a specific pain point or issue that does not want or need long term coaching support. 

Tech Founders

Leadership is a crucial skill for tech founders to master, as it can greatly impact the success of their company. One of the biggest challenges is balancing the need for innovation with the need for stability and structure. Additionally, founders must be able to effectively communicate their vision and motivate their team to achieve their goals.


As the company grows, founders must also be willing to delegate responsibilities and trust their team to make important decisions. With dedication and a willingness to learn, tech founders can develop strong leadership skills and guide their company to success.

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