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I offer coaching services for individuals and companies looking to strengthen their leadership and communication skillsets. Whether you are an individual looking to develop new skillsets, reach the next level of your career or are the head of a company who has realized your team could use some support in developing their leadership or communication skills, I am here to help.


BUILD Leadership Program

The BUILD Leadership Program is a 90-day course including video lessons available 24/7, worksheets to further insights and 6 coaching sessions. Participants will: 

  • Build Self-awareness

  • Utilize Emotionnel Agility

  • Improve Communication

  • Lead with Purpose

  • Develop Executive Presence 

Reach out for more info or click below to book today.

One-on-one Coaching


Being a founder comes with a unique set of challenges. You may have a solid idea and success at fundraising, but now you need to improve your leadership and management skills. Good news is this can be learned. Using proven methods we can build leadership and communication skills while identify areas for growth in terms of delegation and building engagement with your teams.


I work with new and emerging leaders who are looking to create and drive impact with their teams. Together we can find ways to develop more effective communication strategies, cultivate an executive presence, lead your team to excellence and inspire the leader within you.

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