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I offer coaching services for individuals and companies looking to strengthen their leadership and communication skillsets as well as those who are at a decision point in their careers. Whether you are an individual looking to develop new skillsets, reach the next level of your career or are the head of a company who has realized your team could use some support in developing their leadership or communication skills, I am here to help.


Being a founder comes with a unique set of challenges. You may have a solid idea and success at fundraising, but now you need to improve your leadership and management skills. Together we can find ways to develop more effective communication strategies, cultivate an executive presence, lead your team to excellence and inspire the leader within you.

Organizational Offerings

For organizations striving to achieve greater employee retention and engagement, I offer: ​

  • Assessment of communication and leadership opportunities

  • Implementation of strategies to decrease employee turnover, increase productivity as well as employee satisfaction 

  • Strategic planning and coaching support for leaders to meet the desired results

Career Coaching

Careers are always adapting and evolving. For years, I have been helping individuals clarify what is important to them and how best to get there. I'll work with you every step of the way to get to the career you want. In the process we will:

  • Clarify your values

  • Develop a dynamic resume to stand out from the crowd

  • Cultivate strategic networking opportunities 

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